Miser’s Sweet Dream


Our own version of the beautiful Miser’s Dream effect.  PERFECT for your Holiday Shows.


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Our own version of the beautiful Miser’s Dream effect…and PERFECT for your Holiday Shows.

Just like the classic, you seem to effortlessly pluck items from the air — but instead of silver coins, you find chocolate kisses!  The candies are dropped into a paper bag with a small *thunk* .  You offer them to your volunteer…the child you’ve been plucking candies from under their chin, their ear, etc…but when they hold out their hands, the sack is empty.

Doing a bit of Christmas Magic, you have them wave their hand over the bag and say the magic words, “HO HO HO.”  THEY reach into the bag and find one big chocolate bar; a REAL one they can keep!

Our version requires NO SLEIGHT OF HAND.  A few minutes practice with these remarkable gimmicked candies and you’ll look like a real pro.  However, if you WANT to do the sleight of hand, the textured surface is GREAT for palming.

The kisses we provide are 100% solid plastic with a metallic silver finish.  No foil to tear loose or come off from rough handling.  Since they’re not actually chocolate, they won’t melt in your pocket.  And since they’re not FOOD, they won’t rot or draw ants to your prop case.

Includes two gimmicked kisses (the gimmicks can be easily removed if you’d rather do the finger-flinging) and instruction DVD.  Provide your own paper bag to *collect* them in and giveaway candy.

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