The Lost Star


A gorgeous prop and a touching routine by Dan Wolfe and Duane Laflin, THIS can be THE CLOSER for your Holiday Shows!

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You display a beautifully decorated tree and top it with a very special golden star.  The star is removed and carefully wrapped in a cloth which is held by an audience volunteer.

The cloth is whisked away and shown empty.  The star was gone!  You replace the star with a balloon.

…but with some magical help from your volunteer, the round balloon is physically formed into a heart.

Placed atop the tree, the balloon bursts, the tree illuminates with twinkling lights and the missing star reappears.  That’s the Magic of Christmas!

The tree packs flat for transport and is electronically fitted with a dozen twinkling LED lights.  Four AA batteries will power the tree for 96 hours straight (FOUR DAYS!) before they start to dim, so if you’d like to leave it lit during the rest of your show as a decoration, you won’t go broke buying batteries.

We provide the tree, star, a lovely vanishing cloth, magnetic clip, balloons to get you started and instructional DVD.  (Yes, we’ll even teach you the balloon-forming trick…it’s dead easy!)

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