Need a different theme for your Fraidy Frame?  Want to swap out the graphics for different styled performances.  We have you covered!

Since you already *have* a Fraidy Frame, you know how easy it is to change it out (in about 30 seconds or less!)  Then scroll down, my friend!

If you don’t already *have* a Fraidy Frame?  Don’t scroll!  CLICK HERE TO GET ONE!   ;-}



Each theme includes the metal graphics panel, gimmick and other required props for the routine; ex. a cloth cover, jumbo cards, etc.

An explanation of the routines not included in the Demo (Images in the gallery):

  • Vanishing Rabbit, Dinosaur, Cow, etc:  ANY of the “Vanishing” themes, really.   All basically the same as the Elephant routine in the Demo Video.  POOF shown when they’re vanished.  Back of the panel depicts the back of the creature.
  • 52-on-ONE:  You show your predicted card in the frame.  Spectator selects a card (Pop-Eyed-Popper Deck included) and you reveal your prediction; all 52 cards shown on the panel.  You weren’t wrong!  Remove the panel card and they reveal their chosen card.  You turn the panel around and it matches!
  • DRACULA: Vampire panel shown and placed into the frame.  Covered and spun, he turns into a bat…as vampires do.  Turn him back and remove from the frame.  BUT, you turned it around without having the cloth in place.  The sunlight got him!  He’s now a smoldering pile of ash with fanged false teeth.
  • SANTA VANISH:  HOW does Santa travel to EVERY home in one night?  He POOFS!  Appears and disappears!  Basically like our Vanishing Rabbit version.  Until the panel is removed from the frame and they SHOUT to see the back.  In the rear of the panel…is the rear of Santa.  (The cutest little Claus-butt you ever saw!)
  • TRIM THE TREE:  The easiest way to decorate a tree…imagination!  A picture of an undecorated tree is shown in the frame.  You cover it and have the kids imagine an ornament, a light, some tinsel in their hand.   They throw them at the tree (which you turned around) and remove a picture of a beautifully decorated Christmas Tree!  When they insist you turn it around, it’s a decorated tree, but more like a hairy broomstick.  That’s the BACK!  You always put that side toward the wall!
  • EASTER GOSPEL ROUTINE: A picture of Jesus is shown in the frame (the tomb).  Covered with the cloth, it gets turned three times (three days) and the cloth removed to show the word “EMPTY” just like on Easter morning.  They want to see the back because they don’t believe you.  “There were people back THEN who didn’t think that tomb was empty, too!  But it was, for a very good reason.  Jesus was ALIVE!” And the panel is turned around to show the word “ALIVE” on the back.

NOTE: THIS IS ONLY THE THEME!  You will already need to have a Fraidy Frame to use these!

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 2 in

52-on-One Gag, DRACULA, Easter Gospel Story, Santa Vanish, Trimming the Tree, Vanishing Cow, Vanishing Dinosaur, Vanishing Monkey, Vanishing RABBIT, Classic Lion & Cobra, CUSTOM, Playing Cards, Vanishing Elephant