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Bunny House

Bunny HouseFor many years, Stephen Spanks, a Magician in Atlanta, has had a wonderful little sidekick; a rabbit puppet named “Roscoe.”  Roscoe has always insisted during the show that he’s a REAL rabbit.  Stephen recently decided he wanted to grant Roscoe’s wish and pull a “Pinnochio.”

He could have used any “Doves to Rabbit” type illusion to end his show, but he wanted something special.  He called Smoky Mountain Magic. Bunny House

Stephen explained that Roscoe is really the star, not him.  So, at the end of the show, Roscoe says good-bye to the kids and is placed into his dressing room.

Bunny HouseOops!  His night-light isn’t on!  Stephen revolves the cage to show the switch and turns it on.  When the box is turned back around, Roscoe is peeking out the open door…ALIVE!

The roof is removed.  The sides all fall down flat and no trace of the puppet!  The table then becomes a convenient “petting platform” for Roscoe to meet all his young fans.

Knowing that Roscoe would be in the prop for a bit longer than usual, we added extra ventilation at the back (above the switch) to keep the critter more comfy.

Bunny House

BUNNY House – $550.00 + shipping

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