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Visible Doves to Rabbit

A fine finale’ for any Dove Act!
Visible Doves to RabbitVisible Doves to Rabbit

As your Doves are produced, they’re visibly perched inside a square cage.  A quick revolution and POOF…they’ve turned into a rabbit.

No other livestock?  Fill the bunny chamber with tiny, white helium balloons that gracefully float away!  A truly pretty finish.

This version comfortably holds up to four birds and a fairly large rabbit…or even a small dog.

Features our “tip-grip” release mechanism, TuffKote laminate exterior, rubber table bumpers and spring-loaded sides that fall out FLAT, rather than forming a big box under the table.  It really looks amazing!


Removed at the request of George Kimery at Chalet Magic who invented the trick in 1969.