A pack small – play BIG, stage-filling routine that your audiences are going to LOVE!

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Two volunteers assist you to re-create the story of William Tell.  An apple (wooden) is examined and an inherently unique tie-dyed silk handkerchief is marked for further identification.

The apple is wrapped in a paper napkin, while the marked silk is loaded into a clear “shotgun shell” and inserted into the rear of the Pop Gun…a homemade affair apparently (but not really) created from pop cans, tape and spare parts..

To help the audience follow the silk’s invisible flight across the stage, you blow up a balloon and isolate it in a round holder…a bit like a tennis racket with no strings.

The apple is placed on top of one helper’s head while the other levels the Pop Gun at the balloon.  The trigger is pulled…

POP!  A banner pops out the end of the gun!  POP!  The balloon breaks!  The apple is unwrapped and the hanky removed by the helper.  It’s their marked silk!

NOTE: The helper visibly places the silk into the gun…NOT the Magician.  You never need to go near the gun again.

Wanna see a HORRENDOUS little demo for “The POP Gun?”

Includes:  Pop Gun, Transparent Shell, Special Silks, Apple, Balloon Holder and complete instructions/comedy routine…even the napkins, balloons and a Sharpie marker.  EVERYTHING necessary to present the routine!  (Gospel Routine included on request.)