GROOVY Silk Blow Tube


You know the effect — three silks are separately poked into a transparent tube.  A magical pass and they are blown up into the air…floating gently downward, tied together in a chain.  Easy to do.  A classic of magic.

But, suppose your act isn’t the acrylic and hologram type?  Check out the GROOVY Silk Blow Tube.


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In stock

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Sleek and streamlined, the ONLY decoration on our version is a series of grooves etched at each end.   The audience sees completely through 100% of the tube.  There’s simply no place to hide anything!

Cast from a clear elastomer developed for the SPFX industry, the gimmicks are virtually invisible when in place.

Another advantage to our design is that it holds the gimmicks in place better…less likely to “fire” prematurely.  You can also use up to SIX gimmicks, making your finale a SEVEN silk chain!

NOW MACHINED FROM LEXAN POLYCARBONATE! (You could actually deflect BULLETS with this thing…don’t try it, though.) We DEFY you to break it!  Lexan is a little more expensive, but this thing will LAST YOU FOREVER!

Includes: 12″GROOVY Silk Blow Tube, 100 gimmicks and instructions (Use your own silks…12″ or larger)