Magic Christmas Ornaments!


THIRTY DIFFERENT DESIGNS!  All about 3″ (75mm).  Available individually or as a year-based Set of 5; including one each from the year that they were released PLUS the dated ornament.

This year we are also offering a “Rabbit in the Top Hat” Tree Topper…translucent so you can use your own lights to match your tree!

View a quick video tour of the 2023 Magic Ornament Set HERE! 

$10 flat rate shipping on all Ornaments! No matter how many. No matter where. (Gonna lose our shirts mailin’ em to Zimbabwe…but hey, it’s Christmas!)



These ADORABLE ornaments are 3D Printed from durable PLA Plastic using our original design models. Fully assembled.  Many available in Holiday Red or Jolly Green with hand-painted metallic accents

Sets will be matched either Holiday Red or Jolly Green Mixing em up confuses the colorblind elves…poor little things.

2018 Set includes:
MiniKubZag (Red or Green)
Looking Glass (Red or Green)
Thru Steel (Red or Green
ModernArt (Red or Green)
Magic Pizza Box available as shown…it’s already red and green!

2019 Set includes:
The Rabbit Cannon (Red or Green)
Substitution Trunk (Red or Green)
ZigZag Girl (Red or Green)
Fraidy Frame (Red or Green)
Shadow Box Illusion…insert one of your tree lights to see the shadow!

2020 Set includes:
Assistant’s Revenge (Red or Green)
Lester Lake Head Chopper (Red or Green)
Sword basket (Red or Green)
Gingerbread Doll House…with hand applied icing!
Mirror Production Box…that actually WORKS!

2021 Set includes:
Asrah Levitation (Red or Green)
Die Box (Red or Green)
Disembodied Princess (Red or Green)
Sword Cabonet (Red or Green)
Snowman Strat Blocks

2022 Set includes:
Interlude Illusion (Red or Green)
Sawing in Half (Red or Green)
Sleeve Bouquet…it’s already both Red AND Green
DeKolta Chair Vanish
Ball & Vase (Red or Green)…ACTUALLY WORKS!

2023 Set includes:
Chalet WizKote (Red or Green)
Origami Illusion (Red or Green)
The Lost Star…already both Red AND Green
Houdini Water Torture Cell
UF Grant Topsy Bottle…and it actually WORKS!

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Top Hat Tree Topper, 2023 SET – RED, 2023 SET – GREEN, 2022 SET – RED, 2022 SET – GREEN, 2021 SET – RED, 2021 SET – GREEN, 2020 SET – RED, 2020 SET – GREEN, 2019 SET – RED, 2019 SET – GREEN, 2018 SET – RED, 2018 SET – GREEN, AsrahLevitation – RED, AsrahLevitation – GREEN, AssistantsRevenge – RED, AssistantsRevenge – GREEN, BallVase -RED, BallVase – GREEN, DeKolta Chair, DieBox -RED, DieBox – GREEN, DisembodiedPrincess – RED, DisembodiedPrincess – GREEN, Dragon Mirror Box, FraidyFrame – RED, FraidyFrame – GREEN, Gingerbread DollHouse, Interlude – RED, Interlude – GREEN, LLake Chopper – RED, LLake Chopper – GREEN, LookingGlass – RED, LookingGlass – GREEN, Lost Star, MagicPizzaBox, MiniKubZag – RED, MiniKubZag – GREEN, ModernArt – RED, ModernArt – GREEN, Origami – RED, Origami – GREEN, RabbitCannon – RED, RabbitCannon – GREEN, ShadowBox, Sleeve Bouquet, SnowmanStratBlocks, SubTrunk – RED, SubTrunk – GREEN, SwordBasket – RED, SwordBasket – GREEN, SwordCabinet – RED, SwordCabinet – GREEN, ThinSawing – RED, ThinSawing – GREEN, ThruSteel – RED, ThruSteel – GREEN, Topsy Bottle, Water Torture Cell, WizKote – RED, WizKote – GREEN, ZigZagGirl – RED, ZigZagGirl – GREEN