Linking Lites (Utility Switch Box)


A holiday version of Okito’s “Linking the Links” done with C9 Christmas Tree Lights!

Also works year-round as a utility switching device for whatever your little heart desires…as long as it fits into the 64oz (about 1.8liter) vessels


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A cardboard box is shown containing holiday decorations. The lights were all tangled so badly, you had to cut them apart. Opening the box, you show the individual bulbs and drop them into a heavy acrylic container. You DID save some of the wires though! Not that it helps much.

You set the container down on the table and remove the now-empty box. They are NOT going to work like this.


A wave of your hands and all of the bulbs in the container begin to blink. Then flash. Then light up completely as you pull the RESTORED string from the clear container! READY TO DECORATE!

Comes complete with switching box, two GREAT quality clear containers, chopped string of lights, RESTORED string of lights, instruction DVD…even the extra wires!

The lights are LED and operated by three small button-type batteries that are completely replaceable…for those busy seasons. Quick and easy reset. ALL fits inside the Lites box for convenient storage and transport.

The laminated sign on the box can be removed for year-round use. Would be GREAT for a Chain Linking with those enormous plastic chains…or even a KILLER SILK BLENDO! But save the sign. The lights thing is so FUN, you’ll wanna use it again next Christmas. 😉

Box is 10″ x 10″ x 8″ (27cm x 27cm x 21cm) and each vessel 5″(13cm) diameter and 6 1/2″(17cm) tall