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Allergic Reaction


You approach a spectator and explain that you don’t normally do card tricks because you’re allergic to playing cards.  Really!

Pulling out a blue-backed deck you admit…okay, that’s stupid.  No one is “allergic” to playing cards.  You’re actually violently allergic to the ink…specifically the pigments in the red and black ink.  You can *kind of* touch the blue…

To prove this weird theory, you uncase the blue deck, carefully fan it out and have them remove a playing card (free choice) and hold it upright facing them.

Steeling yourself against the pain, you reach toward the card they hold.  Going over the top, you touch your fingertip to the face side.  With a jerk, you pull your hand away.  You’re especially sensitive to the red ink.

“Your card is red, isn’t it?  King of Diamonds?”

With that, you turn your index finger around and there on it where you touched their card is a blister in the shape of the chosen card’s index…your “Allergic Reaction” to the ink.

What’s different about this “blister” effect?

  • Your hands never leave their sight.
  • They have a free choice.
  • No fire.  More comic than bizarre.
  • No sleight of hand.
  • …and the ONLY memorization involved
     is something you’ve known since you were four.

You’ll USE this!

Includes blue-backed deck, gimmick and instructions.  No DVD…yet.
(But the trick is so simple, you really don’t need a DVD.)

Introductory price (No DVD): $20.00