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Allergic Reaction


You approach a spectator and explain that you don't normally do card tricks because you're allergic to playing cards.  Really! Pulling out a blue-backed deck you admit...okay, that's stupid.  No one is "allergic" to playing cards.  You're actually violently allergic to the ink...specifically the pigments in the red and black ink.  You can *kind of* touch ...

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Miser’s Sweet Dream

Candy Kisses for the Miser

Our own version of the beautiful Miser's Dream effect...and PERFECT for your Holiday Shows. Just like the classic, you seem to effortlessly pluck items from the air -- but instead of silver coins, you find chocolate kisses!  The candies are dropped into a paper bag with a small *thunk* .  You offer them to your volunteer...the child you've been ...

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WHIRLYGIG!  A NEW Close-Up Illusion from Smoky Mountain Magic

Imagine the "Shrinking/Growing Head" a close-up KILLER!   In the realm of close-up magic, it could have infinite possibilities! This hilarious optical illusion was first described by Scientist Joseph Plateau  in 1849.  It was introduced to the Magic world by Bruce Kalver and later, the image was trisected by Jerry Andrus for a "warping" effect. However, most seem to be ...