A case is a box to protect and transport your Magic.  It’s a fancy, rugged, durable box.  But still, it’s a box.

They’re not especially difficult to build.  It’s…a box.

There are over a hundred places around the world that build Custom ATA Cases.

There are less than a dozen full-time professional Illusion Builders on the planet.

We would rather devote our time and resources to building AMAZING stuff that very few can, instead of the simple stuff that anybody could.

We do not build ATA Cases.

When WE need one?  Well, if the Client is willing to wait the added three week lead time, spend the extra $1000+ (estimated cost of the case, shipping it to us empty and increased shipping to THEM with the prop in it), we order it.

You could buy one elsewhere MUCH cheaper than we could make and sell it to you.

Google is your friend.