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Recently we were contacted by a full-time Santa. He had a number of Smoky Mountain props, loved them and wanted something special. What could we do with the Run Rabbit Run concept? Specifically something that would explain how Santa gets into the house when there's no chimney. I had a RRR many years ago. Never liked the ...

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A fun routine for your family shows...and Smoky Mountain quality! Three blocks are shown that when properly stacked form an image.  Problem is, no matter how you drop them into the tube, they're never properly stacked!  Somehow, the top block is always out of place. After a few failed attempts, you realize it's the top one that's causing problems.  So, ...

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The Lost Star

A gorgeous prop and a touching routine by Dan Wolfe and Duane Laflin, THIS can be THE CLOSER for your Holiday Shows! You display a beautifully decorated tree and top it with a very special golden star.  The star is removed and carefully wrapped in a cloth which is held by an audience volunteer. The cloth is whisked away and shown empty.  The star was gone!  ...

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Miser’s Sweet Dream

Candy Kisses for the Miser

Our own version of the beautiful Miser's Dream effect...and PERFECT for your Holiday Shows. Just like the classic, you seem to effortlessly pluck items from the air -- but instead of silver coins, you find chocolate kisses!  The candies are dropped into a paper bag with a small *thunk* .  You offer them to your volunteer...the child you've been ...