Knock Down Fittings


Have a D.I.Y. magic project going or need to replace the old fittings on an existing prop?  These will do the trick…or fix the trick…or whatever.

Each fitting includes the Shell portion, the Stud part and the pin that holds them together.

If you are doing something smaller, we do have a limited supply of the black, light-duty ones available. (Read the “Description” section below for the difference.)

Replacement pins ONLY are available too, in case you lost the little buggers.

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Once upon a time, these Knock-Down Fittings were used for assembling Magic Tricks and Illusions.  Wonderful little pieces! Used by a number of Manufacturers over the years…even US!

(Why they were only available in BROWN, not BLACK?  That’s a mystery.)

Anyway, the European company that made them went out of business.  The U.S. Distributor sold me all they had.  When those were gone, they contacted a supplier in China who made them a comparable product.  IN BLACK!  HUZZAH!

…but, they were a cheaper plastic.  Looked good, not quite as strong.  Fine for smaller props, but not an illusion.  Eventually these went away, too.

I took the LAST of the original fittings I had and contacted a hardware manufacturer.  YES, they could make them for me!  But, I had to buy 5000 of them at a time.  Wow.

Soooooo, now I have a whole PILE of these things.

They replicate them exactly, though!  Same plastic as the originals.  Screw holes in the same place for those replacing old fittings.  They replicated the COLOR as well, though…they’re brown.  (Next batch – whenever that is – I will specify the color.)

SCREWS NOT INCLUDED!  I don’t know what you’re screwing into.  Every application is different.  You’ll need four #8 FLAT HEAD screws of whatever length you require per fitting.  Hit the hardware store for those.

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Single Knock Down Fitting, Set of Four(4) KD Fittings, Set of Twelve(12) KD Fittings, Extra L-Pins, Black LIGHT-DUTY KD Fittings