HEY! This isn’t Snap Illusions! Where am I?

You’re at the website of Smoky Mountain Magic. We build standard and customized magic tricks and illusions for clients all over the world. Look around! Check us out on Facebook! We think you’ll like what you find.

How did I end up here?

When Snap Illusions allowed their domain registration to lapse, we bought it at auction and pointed it toward our own website.

Did your company BUY Snap Illusions?

Nope. Just the domain name.

Is Snap Illusions still in business?

It doesn’t appear so, but we really have no idea.

Do you have contact information for Snap Illusions?

Nope. Never spoken to them…and the contact info on their website was pretty much useless.

I sent Snap Illusions money for an illusion and never received it. Do I come after YOU for it now?

While we can offer our sympathies, that’s about it. We’ve heard from many people in your situaton, so you are apparently not alone. Again, we did not buy the company, just the domain name when it was abandoned. Snap Illusions LLC and it’s reputed owner, Jack Moyer would still be the ones to contact about your unfulfilled order or refund…and we wish you luck.

~ Smoky Mountain Magic
August 28, 2013